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Performing Artist, Music Teacher, Music Director
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Music Director

Anjali's Music direction has had two culminating projects - the VadyaVrinda; which is ongoing and children's orchestra Yuva Mehfil in 2006-2008. VadyaVrinda brand/project is now run by the music School since 2010; where students get a chance to share the stage with Anjali.

VadyaVrinda is an 'Indian Instrumental Ensemble'; a unique and innovative group of musicians who together present a beautiful experience of sophisticated light and semi-classical music by blending specialty Indian classical musical instruments.

The group name VadyaVrinda is made up of two words; ‘Vadya’ meaning ‘Musical instrument’ and ‘Vrinda’ meaning an orchestra. The idea was envisioned and implemented by Anjali in October 2005. What started out as a group of Indian music enthusiasts looking for avenues to get together and play music for fun and learning; blossomed into a full-fledged orchestra. VadyaVrinda uses a wide variety of instruments typically found in Hindustani classical, popular film and folk music arena; such as Santoor, Flute, Sitar, Harmonium, Tabla, keyboard along with miscellaneous percussion.

The idea behind forming this group is to make the instruments "sing", accompany and convey the lyrics and emotions of the song to the audience. At the same time, the goal has been to venture into playing something different on these classic and classical instruments which otherwise are famous for rendering melodious ragas.

Programs Done by VadyaVrinda so far -

  • Bollywood Christmas at Redmond Lights - Dec 2010
  • Suvarnrashtra by Seattle Maharashtra Mandal - May 2010
  • Kumbha Mela by VCC - May 2010
  • Asian Festival - Tacoma Dome - February 2010
  • Bollywood Christmas at Redmond Lights – December 2009
  • BMM Convention – Philadelphia Convention Center - July 2009
  • IAWW Spring Festival – May 2009
  • Spring Festival - Seattle Art Museum – March 2009
  • Bollywood Christmas at Redmond Lights – December 2008
  • Snoqualmie Ridge Holiday Party - November 2008
  • IAWW Senior Luncheon - April 2008
  • SoulSandhya - Art of Living - March 2008
  • Snoqualmie Ridge Holiday Party - December 2007
  • Vulcan Holiday Party - EMP Seattle - December 2007
  • Ragamala Utsav - Seattle Center - November 2007
  • BMM Convention - Seattle Convention Center - July 2007
  • Diwali - Seattle Maharashtra Mandal - Oct 2006