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Performing Artist, Music Teacher, Music Director
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Anjali Music School

Anjali has been teaching music since 2002; and founded the School in 2007.

Anjali inherits the 'Joshi' gharana when it comes to teaching. All her students vouch that she is an excellent teacher. Her students range in age from 6 to 65 ! The instruments she teaches are Santoor, Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Ukulele, Flute, Jal Tarang, Bulbul Tarang, Hawaiian Guitar etc.

At her Music School, the classes begin at basics of music, knowing the instrument, etc. and cover techniques, tuning, reading music and so on. At advanced levels, the students learn how to compose, write their own music, advanced techniques of the instruments and so on.

Anjali has written notations in simple SaReGaMa form that you can subscribe to. The collection includes Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, English songs as well as set compositions in numerous ragas; like Bihag, Yaman, Malkauns; to name a few.

The classes are held in Redmond and also over Skype. Please feel free to contact her for classes/ questions/ information. You can also download the full catalog of notations by sending email to info@anjalijoshi.org.

For the students' performance at Northwest Folklife Festival-2013, please check at "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KWlo8efq7E&list=FLDQ0CixKYQ8ykggXyl0tQ"